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Welcome home, Grover 🌳 Hit sign up and join the community.

🎉Welcome to the community🎉 You are now part of a community of global HR specialists who entrusted Grove HR to digitize their HR process so that they can focus on growing the people and deliver an outstanding employee experience at their companies. Join in the conversation to exchange HR exclusive knowledge and experiences, as well as learn the best application tactics from experts to successfully leverage your people strategy using Grove HR. There are so much you CAN DO to grow our community, including but not limited to: 🌳 Create your own account, upload an avatar, add your areas... (More)

🎉 Introducing: New Google Calendar integration and Document Management

Our new feature updates provide better time and document management for teams. The Google Calendar integration allows teammates to know the exact availability period of others, thereby solving the issue of booking appointments into absent periods.

We also introduced a Document Management feature that stores all company policies and guidelines right on Grove HR.

Time off is now synced to Google Calendar

View employees' leaves right on Google Calendar

Here’s how it works:

  • Head over to Google Calendar to synchronize with your official Google Calendar account.
  • When you create a time off request, it is also created on your now... (More)

Realtor: 4 tips to innovate in the real estate market

Would you like to achieve different results in your work as a realtor? Have a greater number of deals closed at the end of the month or increase your contact portfolio, for example? So you need to invest in different strategies than you currently do in the real estate market. You need to look for actions that make your work something innovative, leave the comfort zone and look for opportunities in parts of the market that have not yet been explored. This ensures that you get ahead of the competition, add value to the service offered to your customers and... (More)