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Your G-Coin


(Equal to 0 US Dollar)

Today's value of each G-Coin is 1 US Dollar

How to earn G-Coin?

The G-Coin is the Grove HR community's virtual currency which is rewarded to highly contributed members so they could redeem actual rewards.

There are two ways for you to receive G-Coins: 

Number 1: Answering rewarding questions 

Occasionally, the Grove team will post a special question that carried a certain amount of G-Coin.

Follow the rule attached to each question to win the prize. It could be the most inspiring answer, the top 5 correct and timely answers, etc., or just an answer that wow us. 

The important thing is to keep a tap on what happening here on the community channel. These questions will pop up absolutely spontaneously. 

Number 2: Joining in online campaigns and events

There will be campaigns and events organized in the community. The winners will receive G-coin directly from the community admins.

⚠Please read carefully our community guideline as removed users will lose all their G-coins.

How to redeem G-Coin?

Very easy. All you have to do is go to your account and choose Your Credit > Redeem Credit then choose the reward that you would want to use your G-Coin to redeem (Of course, your balance has to be enough to redeem a prize). Our team will then contact you in order to proceed with the prize.