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Grove HR Mobile App

📱360 feedback provides a fair and objective picture of the employee performance to empower them to grow.
To make the process easier without breaking your budget, here are the top 10 free 360 feedback tools on the market:
This is Amy. She gonna guide you guys through the latest product update on Grove HR.
Or you can read our blog for further information:

⚡⚡Faster payroll, easier time off, and more efficient mobile app

When we introduced the Payroll feature last December, we promised to roll out advanced improvements. Here is the first of many.

Also, we worked on the time off feature - enhancing its function - and made our mobile app more convenient.

A faster way to calculate NET salary

Before, the HR team needs to export the GROSS salary from Grove HR to their existing file to calculate NET pay.

This complicated process takes time and increases the risk of errors.

With the new Payroll update, you can now calculate the NET salary without copying/pasting it through different spreadsheets.

Here’s how:... (More)

How Grove HR engage your employees

The employee engagement module lets you free up your HR teams and empower employees to perform from their first day at work through mobile-first experience and smart self-service.

Feature list

1. Onboarding checklist: Create an onboarding flow that impresses your newcomers and assign responsible team members to complete the checklist

2. Self-onboarding: New hires can upload their onboarding documents and fill in information right on the Grove HR mobile app.

3. Onboarding & Offboarding view: Easily track the whole onboarding or offboarding progress and see which tasks are completed, pending, or due.

4. Company News: Communicate important updates company-wide and... (More)