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People & Data management +

It would be great to have a section for company resources.
Tiffany Williams
Human Resources Sr. Manager
I'd love to be able to download the org chart or export as PDF. Would be great for sharing externally!
Sudheer Thokala
Principal Software Architect
Provision to Auto Generation of Employee ID should be given , it should be given provision to update with prefix or series from which number it has to start.
Kaif William
Head of recruitment
Our employees have loved using Grove HR as it has made their work a lot less stressful which resulted is having some burden off their shoulders. The only trouble they have with using the software is having to download documents when they just want to know what's it is about. I'm suggesting that a preview document feature should be added so that employees won't have to download every single document just to see if it is the particular one they are looking for.