During my 10 years working as a Talent Acquisition Consultant, probably one of the most challenging jobs is to make an inspiring recruiting cold call to potential candidates. Making the call itself is simple, saying that you want to hire them is easy, the hard part is to leave a long-lasting impression on the candidates.

This brings us to the question: how can a recruiter make an inspiring and attractive first call that will impress passive candidates?

Here are 7 ways to make your first recruiting cold call to any candidate more inspired.


1. Use a powerful voice.

To have a powerful voice is not about being commanding; it is to use your voice with full energy and brightness that makes a significant impact on listeners.  

Within the first 5-10 seconds, the candidates can decide whether to spend time with you or not based on your voice. This is because they can sense the person you are on the other side of the line and will choose to treat you the way they think is suitable

So make sure you prepare high energy before calling the candidate. Use your own natural voice and never force yourself to use a voice or tone as it will come out uncanny to the candidate. 


2. Ensure information integrity.

Honesty in information comes first in the communication principles with any candidate. Stay transparent and honest with candidates in the information you offer about the company.

Keep in mind that candidates will always be able to verify the information you share about the company with another party. If they find out any dishonest information, candidates can easily lose trust in your company leading to severe brand damage. 


3. Be a trustworthy consultant for the candidate.

One of the many things I’ve learned in my years as a professional is that candidates don’t want to listen to a recruiter who will only act in their company’s best interest. What they need is a career consultant.

Talking to a candidate as a career consultant means getting personal with them. While addressing them, mention their names, and show genuine interest in them. Get to know their pain points and hear their career concerns. Then consult them and explain how your organization is the best option for them.


4. You lead, the candidate decides.

A clear understanding of your role and the candidates’ is one of the essentials for a successful cold call. While you are the one to lead the conversation flow, give out questions, provide information, and suggest different solutions, you should let the candidate come up with their own decisions.

Allowing the candidates to be the decision-makers will make them feel comfortable, confident, respected. The goal is to get them to trust you. The more they trust you, the more their final decisions will be influenced by your lead.


5. The candidate’s concern is your priority.

Offer assistance when you encounter candidates with particular difficulties deterring them from growing their careers. Listen and discover the real reason behind their problems. See the candidate’s issues as your own and from your personal experience, come up with the best solutions and suggest them. It's okay if you don't have any viable solutions, listen with enthusiasm and utmost sincerity. The candidate will always appreciate the help or the dedication you offer.


6. Promote your company first, then a job opportunity.

One way to be confident, open-minded, and inspiring in the cold call is to plan in your mind all the achievable targets. Here are my three alternative targets before every call, and guess what, they are not all about recruiting:

  • Branding for your company: For better or worse, you have the chance to introduce your company to the community, so why not try your best to do so.
  • Seeding your open positions into the candidates’ minds: When the candidates decide to switch jobs in the future, your company will become one of the employer brands that come into their mind first.
  • Turning that person into a “recruiting agent”: Even if the candidates are not looking for the position you offer, they might introduce you to an acquaintance who is.

Don't solely focus on achieving your hiring goal, as that will only make the conversation uncomfortable and forced. Instead, trying to score every alternative target as correctly as you can as those efforts will always benefit you in one way or another. All you have to do is focus on the conversation. 


7. Be proud of what your company has to offer.

The last yet most persuasive kill point when making a recruiting cold call is to believe in what you are talking about. As you are proud of your company and share that feeling with candidates, they would in-a-way be inspired. Remember that you are the ambassador of your company brand, culture, and core values. 


The bonus tip: Keep in mind “the law of attraction.”

The Law of Attraction is the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person's life. In a cold call, the law of attraction is in place as the energy, sincerity, respect, trust, honesty, and enthusiasm you give out will be returned to you from your candidates.

Quy Ho - HR expert at Grove HR