As part of our 2021 HR EXPERIENCE Initiatives of LAUNDRAFÉ, we launched Time Management; maximizing GROVE HR's Attendance Module.
Our objectives are:
To maximize the Attendance feature of GROVE HR
To be able to monitor the Time-in and Time-out of your team members
To monitor OT and be able to approve it without using the OT Sheet form
To minimize the number of incomplete time-in or time-out
To remove Manual DTR and back & forth email with Payroll Team
To monitor any late, tardiness and absences of team members

This will reduce our Payroll Processing from 5 days to 2 days because confirmation of DTR will be done Automatically by the Managers- This will empowered the managers to manage their workforce and reduce manual paper DTRs which is a non value added to their work. They can focus now on the Work that matters most.
How about you? Tell me your story in using the Attendance Module in Grove HR :)