To make the process of calculating an individual's pay a breeze, we present a module that you all are waiting for - Payroll.

The brand new Payroll feature
The brand new Payroll feature

Grove HR's Payroll significantly reduces your workload by preparing employees' gross salaries on your behalf. Your employees' work hours, attendance information, and salary information are integrated to ensure a smooth payroll process. In summary, it comes with the following functions:

Automatic consolidated payroll review: A consolidated payroll review is done automatically after every pay cycle. The review will contain information such as 

  • Overtime hours
  • Salary deduction from unpaid time-off
  • One-off compensation items
  • Recurring compensation items
  • Salary adjustments due to previous month offsets

Your employee bank details and job changes will be detailed in the Grove HR payroll. You can also export the review information to an excel file for further accounting processing.

Overview your employees' payroll details at a glance
Overview your employees' payroll details at a glance

Customize your company pay: Grove HR payroll is flexible for customizing it to your specific need. You can quickly establish your payment system, create a definite payment structure, and input your employees’ salaries.

Get everything set up the way you want
Get everything set up the way you want

Data is secured and confidential: The Grove HR payroll ensures all data input into the system are safe and encrypted using HTTPS. The employees only have access to the payment information you allow them to view, and you have administrative control over the entire system.

Improvement to keep track of working time:

The payroll can keep track of overtime and deficit. To ensure efficiency, the payroll applies holiday as an automatic day-off for all employees. Also, employees can add documents such as doctor reports when they apply for a day off.

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