Companies are seeking to get their employees vaccinated and resume work on a full scale. However, new studies reveal concerning problems about the state of the workplace and employees.

Only 10% of companies are prepared to support a flexible workforce

According to research by Willis Towers Watson (2021), only one in ten APAC businesses think their current job process can handle a flexible workforce. In light of this information, businesses that don't want to be left behind need to take a serious look at their organization's future, and accelerate their move towards a flexible workplace.

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Businesses are not engaging employees enough

An Evive report (2021) reveals that businesses may need to improve their engagement with individual employees during the work lifecycle. In summary, employers have to adopt more personalized communication during onboarding, performance management, and offboarding to solve this problem.

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1 in 4 employees plan to leave their employers after the pandemic

25% of employees have plans to leave their workplace once the pandemic subsides. To deter this impending turnover, employers have to create a supportive workplace, upskill and reskill their staff, encourage open communication, and embrace flexible work options

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Weak leadership and below-expectation salary raise drive out Vietnamese talents.

In recent research of Grove HR and YouGov Vietnam, almost 50% of surveyors answered that weak leadership and below-expectation salary would lead them to quit a job. Not stopping there, the research also discovered that a vast majority of people expect at least a slight increase in salary in 2021.

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COVID-19 vaccination encouragement practices

Here are ways companies are incentivizing the COVID-19 vaccination: Dollar General, Kroger, and McDonald's pay employees to receive the vaccine, Target will give time off and pay for the transportation cost.

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