The Grove HR time tracking module enables businesses to track their employees in a modern way with automated time tracking tools, easy time-off, and seamless clock-in/clock-out.

Feature list

1. Clock-in/ clock-out: Employees can easily record their working hours and breaks comfortably at the office or home.

2. Time-off request/approval: Enable employees to request days off and get approved in seconds anywhere, anytime. Plus, team members can get notified for better working arrangements. You can customize your time-off policies in Grove HR to match your business needs and get the whole company to follow.

3. Monthly timekeeping report: Consolidate data quickly and accurately with a detailed monthly time-off report. Access permitted only. If you have a different work schedule in different offices, you can customize. All you have to do is select which days employees go to work and set if they are full-day or half-day. 

4. Attendance management: Approve, reject employee's working hours, and manage overtime without errors.

5. Payroll (coming soon): Increase payroll accuracy with integrated employees’ salary and time attendance data. Export them for calculation in one click 

6. Attendance tracking: Grove HR's time attendance is completely customizable. Depending on the company's policy, you can easily set the effective day, attendance cycle, and recurring date.

7. QR code generator: Grove HR automatically generates a new QR code in real-time, so your employees can quickly scan to check-in.

What are the benefits?

  • You’ll be able to monitor your employee productivity.
  • Accurately measure employee attendance rate.
  • The management team can record overtime accurately and avoid over/underpaying employees.
  • You’ll get to customize the attendance feature based on company needs and preference(such as Effective date and attendance cycle)
Grove HR time-tracking 
Grove HR time-tracking