The recruitment module facilitates easier attraction, streamlining, and onboarding of talents. With it, you can reach thousands of candidates in minutes from your job posts via your career page - all with zero coding requirement.

Feature list

1. Job posting: Create and manage each job individually in an organized process 

2. Career page: Publish your career site in seconds to start attracting ideal candidates 

3. Hiring pipeline: Customize your hiring process and move them across stages easily

4. Hiring notes: Add comments and collaborate with your hiring team to track candidates’ performance in real-time.

5. Talent pool: Track, view, and store candidate profiles across the time in one place with Grove HR

6. Hiring Reports: Monitor your hiring performance at a glance and make sure to hit your targets. Easily export them for further analysis.

7. CV parsing: Eliminate manual data entry when uploading CV in bulk as Grove HR auto-matches CV fields to candidate fields

8. Candidate tagging: Speed up 2x your screening process by categorizing candidates with skills and tags

9. Candidate evaluation: Input your feedback about candidates with a scorecard equivalent from 1 to 5 and share with your hiring team 

10. Candidate data syncing: When a candidate is successfully hired, their information is synced with their employee records - no data entry required!

What are the benefits? 

  • Automate core HR processes that free up your time, and let you focus on your people instead of manual processes.
  • Provide a general overview of every single hiring process across your teams to ensure business goals are achieved. That is, you can search, sort, and export data in a few clicks.
  • All of your HR (i.e., recruitment, onboarding, internal communication, and more) in one place
  • Effective collaboration among the hiring team; adding of notes and setting of reminders for team members
Faster recruitment for better talents
Faster recruitment for better talents