Hi everyone!  

Recently, the Grove team and YouGov Vietnam have collaborated to conduct a research on how employee perceptions and needs have changed after the rough 2020.

Here are the key questions in the research: 

💡 Factors attracting candidates to apply for a company

💡 Onboarding tasks employees considered as important

💡 The types of benefits are being highly appreciated

💡 Soft skills employees want to be trained on

💡 Top reasons why employees quit their jobs

Although it was made on Vietnamese workers the results highly resemble for most cases.

Some of the key findings of the survey are: "Job security becomes a top concern when candidates look for a job, even more than financial interests" (as depicted below)

Candidates prioritize job security over financial benefits
Candidates prioritize job security over financial benefits

or the ranking of different types of benefits (as depicted below)

Benefits types ranking
Benefits types ranking

👉You can download free the report file here for more insights: https://lp.grovehr.com/what-vietnamese-workforce-wants-on-their-employee-journey

👇 Let's discuss the research's insights in the comment. Is it applicable to your company?