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Kaif William
Head of recruitment
Asked a question 2 years ago

Best practices to engage your employees using Grove HR while working at home?

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Hi Kaif! According to my experience. Here are some features of Grove HR that I think could be used to engaged remote employees: 

1. The onboarding checklist: This feature helps you create an onboarding flow that impresses your newcomers and assign responsible team members to complete the checklist. That way, even a new remote employee can feel welcome on their first day at home. 

2. Company news: Admin can post news to communicate important updates company-wide and get employees notified instantly on their mobile app. 

3. The employee mobile app: This is the most engaging aspect of Grove HR. With easy time-off, offline directory, company news, and on-the-go access, all packaged in their mobile device, employees can stay connected with the company anytime, from everywhere.