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Olivia Taylor
HR manager
Asked a question 2 years ago

Does anyone know what the payroll process is like on Grove? I'm new to this and would like a better understanding before implementing it for my company.

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An Nguyen
Customer Support Executive

Hello Olivia!

Welcome to Grove HR!

To answer your question, here are our best practices to use payroll in Grove HR:

  1. Set up Payroll General Setting54Pay Cycle54 and Compensation57Note that General Setting and the field Repeat every in Pay cycle can’t be adjusted later so please review carefully before clicking the Save button.
  2. Set up employee payroll. You can do this one by one or bulk import employees’ salaries and compensations54 (recurring payments), provided that you have created recurrings in advance.
  3. Enter bank information and dependents. Make sure to enter this information if it was not on the system. This will help you when calculating salaries from gross to net.
  4. Review and approve Attendance90If you select the option to use Attendance (and Overtime) in payroll, make sure Attendance gets approved and confirmed before processing payroll. Managers will receive reminders to approve employees' attendance 1 day before it ends.
  5. Enter wage rate changes, one-off, offset, fill in the equivalent salary for overtime (if any). Enter all authorized changes into the payroll system for salary alterations, overtime, one-off and offset (if any).
  6. Review. Export Payroll preparation and examine the gross pay, recurring payments, one-off, offset, overtime, time off, etc. for each employee to ensure that it is correct. Any changes made will be color-coded in orange. If it is not correct, revise the prior entries.
  7. Close payroll. Once it is correct, the final step is to close payroll. This will make sure that no changes can be made later.
  8. Calculate net salaries. Grove HR does not support tax calculation as it will depend on each country’s regulations. You will need to complete this step according to your country’s regulations and generate payslips.
  9. Pay employees. Hand over to your accountant or person in charge.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure to review Payroll carefully before closing as you will not be able to reopen and make changes later. When Closing Payroll, any changes made after will only be reflected on the next cycle’s payroll review.

Feel free to reach out to us at support@grovehr.com78 if you have any concerns.

Have a nice day!