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Ac Mi
Human Resource Personnel
Asked a question last year

Hello, I would like to know how does the onboarding work on Grove? I'm quite new so I would like to know more. Could you please provide some tips?

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An Nguyen
Customer Support Executive

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Welcome to Grove HR!

Onboarding is a prime opportunity for employers to win the hearts and minds of new employees. It defines the first impression new hires have of the company, which is something that will continue to stay with them for the entire duration of their careers. Therefore, it is highly recommended for employers to start engaging with new hires as early on as the moment the offer is accepted.

Before assigning an Onboarding checklist 40to the newcomers, make sure an Onboarding/ Offboarding template38 was created in advance and tasks are established39

Once the Onboarding is initiated, track your employee's Onboarding progress by navigating to Checklists > Onboarding. You can also view which tasks assigned to you in My Tasks. The Onboarding process will be considered as "Completed" when the employee and the person in charge both confirm it.

View employee's onboarding progress
View employee's onboarding progress

Feel free to reach out to us at support@grovehr.com18 if you have any concerns.

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Hey , I feel , When you explore the platform .. it is quiet self explanatory .. You just need to take out time ...Spend on this platform