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Kaif William
Head of recruitment
Asked a question last year

Hi guys! One of our employee's husband tested positive for Covid-19 and is in hospital under treatment. Our employee is currently at home and has no symptoms at all, but as a precaution, she stopped coming to the office in the interest of the organization and her colleagues. Now, how do we treat her absence? should we deem her absence as Leave or should we treat her absence as LOP? or are there any other official guidelines to follow in such a situation? Please help me out.

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From my point of view, since the husband is admitted in Covid hospital, she would be required to visit the hospital time and again, so take a liberal view and allow her the leave sought without getting into hyper-technicalities. Indeed she is keeping away from the office as a precaution for all your employees. These are extraordinary times, so I think you should render all permissible benefits. Best :D