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Nasreen Khan
HR - Head
Asked a question 2 years ago

Somewhat I love Grove HR Product for startup , But i want HRMS should have integration with Linkedin .. So few duplication of work can be avoided and at the same Employer Branding will increase . you can pull great talents through linkedin too

Collins Annie
Totally agree, we are using the Angelist platform for recruitment, it would be awesome if Grove HR can integrate with it, too.

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An Nguyen
Customer Support Executive

Hi Nasreen.

We are glad to know that you like Grove HR platform. Your feedback is surely appreciated.

Regarding your request for integration with LinkedIn, could you send more details to our email support@grovehr.com21? Suggestions for feature requests will be carefully analyzed and considered.

Thank you!

Sudheer Thokala
Principal Software Architect

In the Integration, what to consider

  1. Job posting once created in groveHR and published it should allow option to post directly in Linkedin
  2. When candidate apply for Job posting , It should auto flow candidate details and resume to GroveHR
  3. Any comments and addition info needed from candidate, from GroveHR comments it should post Linkedin message for particular candidate and viceversa

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