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About Grove
About Grove


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Read more to know more about us, our mission, and what we are striving to achieve for our users.

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Mae Rivera
Executive Assistant / Recruiter
Just curious, is this still active? And if I sign up today, is there a limit on how many employees and candidates I add? Thank you!
✨ How much has Grove HR evolved since 2020?
Let's watch our General Manager and Marketing Director share the key milestones we made since 2020, and sneak peeks of how Grove HR will help businesses become more employee-centric in 2021.
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About us and the Grove HR dream

About the Grove Team

Grove HR was founded in 2018 to meet the growing demands of APAC businesses looking to embrace digital transformation.

We believe that employee experience is vital to business well-being. As a result, we are on a mission to boost and improve the relationship between employers and employees in ways that benefit both parties. Businesses can count on our software to help them manage their employees’ data, improve productivity, and most importantly, look after their well-being.

The Grove HR software

Grove HR is a modern HR platform that focuses on helping fast-growing companies provide their employees with... (More)

Take your recruitment to the next level

The recruitment module facilitates easier attraction, streamlining, and onboarding of talents. With it, you can reach thousands of candidates in minutes from your job posts via your career page - all with zero coding requirement.

Feature list

1. Job posting: Create and manage each job individually in an organized process

2. Career page: Publish your career site in seconds to start attracting ideal candidates

3. Hiring pipeline: Customize your hiring process and move them across stages easily

4. Hiring notes: Add comments and collaborate with your hiring team to track candidates’ performance in real-time.

5. Talent pool: Track, view, and... (More)