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"Culture is the magic start-up ingredient."
Company culture isn’t just some fluffy, feel-good idea invented by HR people.
If you’re a start-up, you need to understand that company culture is something to be nurtured and protected. And as you’re beginning with a relatively clean slate, you have a golden opportunity to start as you mean to go on.
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Transforming company culture: 5 advice from Simon Sinek

Do you know there are 4 types of employees?

According to Simon Sinek and the #Lawofdiffusion, transforming work culture is to push the Innovators, thus converting the Early Adopters and the Early/Late Majority.

And there are 5 steps in transforming a company culture:

1. Create a safe environment

2. Focus more on your company’s values than making money

3. Become best friends with the law of diffusion of innovations

4. Be the leader you wish you had

5. Give feedback and recognition

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📦 Despite being described as high-pressure, the Amazon company culture still stands behind the success of this e-commerce giant. Discover the effective "extra push" in one of the world' largest "Best Global Culture":
🏆 Satya Nadella, the CEO of #Microsoft, has redefined its culture to facilitate growth and challenge employees to be innovative like never before.
At Microsoft, employees are taken out of their boundaries. Managers understand that employees have dreams and a bucket list outside the four walls of the company and create the time and space for them to chase these dreams.
The unique approach of Microsolf includes:
1. Empathy
2. Growth mindset
3. Collaboration
4. Diversity and inclusion
5. Customer-oriented
👉 Here’s how Nadella mixed things up: