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Employee Satisfaction
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Hi, our dear Grovers! the Grove team has just done small research regarding the shift in employees' priorities after a rough 2020. To support Vietnamese businesses in optimizing employee experience and retaining talents, our latest research with YouGov Vietnam answers 5 core questions: 💡What motivate candidates to accept a job offer 💡How to onboard new hires better 💡What are the most-wanted benefits 💡What skills employees want to develop 💡What demotivates employees Although the research was made on only Vietnameses, the insights are quite relevant to the general situation around the world. 👉The research is now available to download for... (More)
Hi everyone!

I recently adopted the duty of a Chief of Happiness at my company. In this pandemic situation, it is very difficult to engage your employees. But now I have the responsibility to make your employee happy and self-motivated. Could anyone suggest some ideas and techniques to engage and motivate employees remotely?

Many thanks :D