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Feature request
Feature request


What new features would you like Grove HR to have? Let's hear them. 

🤩  Even more amazing, you can get a reward for recommending the "right" feature.


Step 1: Post your request including these two key tags:

The "Feature request" tag

And at least one of the subtags with the "+" symbol listed below 👇 to specify which module of Grove HR you would want to improve.

Step 2: Get the rewards when your request is updated on Grove HR.

When a new feature is updated, the 5 first members who requested it will get 10 G-Coins each. When your requested feature is updated on Grove HR, please kindly inform our team via with the subject line: "Grove community: Requested feature is updated" + A screenshot of your post.

G-Coins can be traded for real rewards in the trading store.

Our team will put every suggestion into serious considerations. Thank you for recommending 😄

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GroveHR is a great tool for HR employees. It would be great if Admin's could see all time off on the calendar inside GroveHR.
Lucy Melanie
Administrator at TCL
Grove HR have been a massive help to me, that fact can't be emphasized enough but I believe Grove HR can do a whole lot more for me especially in the area of recruitment. Having to download the CV of every single applicant one by one is quite an unnecessary hassle. It would be much appreciated if Grove HR can perform bulk downloads of candidates CV so that I can review and make decisions on them faster. Thank you.
So far, I love using Grove HR as it has saved me time and helped me focus my energy on other important tasks. It would be great if we could also have templates for employees' appointment letter for every position and ranking available in the company. Since the company data has been uploaded onto the software including the different positions and employees in it, it will be very much helpful if Grove HR could help generate appointment letters and other employees letters as it will reduce the workload for the HR department and make the recruitment process of the company... (More)
Asset Management is the one we are missing in GroveHR.
I would like a section in the dashboard to add all the assets like laptops, mobile phones and other devices owned by the company and associate them with employees.