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🚀🚀 Doing Payroll is now simpler with Grove HR

To make the process of calculating an individual's pay a breeze, we present a module that you all are waiting for - Payroll.

Grove HR's Payroll significantly reduces your workload by preparing employees' gross salaries on your behalf. Your employees' work hours, attendance information, and salary information are integrated to ensure a smooth payroll process. In summary, it comes with the following functions:

Automatic consolidated payroll review: A consolidated payroll review is done automatically after every pay cycle. The review will contain information such as

  • Overtime hours
  • Salary deduction from unpaid time-off
  • One-off compensation items
  • Recurring compensation items
  • Salary adjustments... (More)

📣 Announcing the all-new Time Attendance feature

The Grove HR’s new time attendance feature enables employers to note the time their employees spend at work in real-time. It helps employers record overtime and solve the issue of overpaying or underpaying their staff. This new feature will also remove the time-wasting practice of manually calculating employee attendance on spreadsheets.

This feature allows you to:

  • Use of the clock-in and clock-out system to track employees work attendance
  • Customize your attendance to fit your company needs and preference
  • Assign someone in HR or administration to keep track of the time attendance
  • Operate with an automatic QR code generation that creates... (More)