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Grove HR Payroll
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⚡⚡Faster payroll, easier time off, and more efficient mobile app

When we introduced the Payroll feature last December, we promised to roll out advanced improvements. Here is the first of many.

Also, we worked on the time off feature - enhancing its function - and made our mobile app more convenient.

A faster way to calculate NET salary

Before, the HR team needs to export the GROSS salary from Grove HR to their existing file to calculate NET pay.

This complicated process takes time and increases the risk of errors.

With the new Payroll update, you can now calculate the NET salary without copying/pasting it through different spreadsheets.

Here’s how:... (More)

🚀🚀 Doing Payroll is now simpler with Grove HR

To make the process of calculating an individual's pay a breeze, we present a module that you all are waiting for - Payroll.

Grove HR's Payroll significantly reduces your workload by preparing employees' gross salaries on your behalf. Your employees' work hours, attendance information, and salary information are integrated to ensure a smooth payroll process. In summary, it comes with the following functions:

Automatic consolidated payroll review: A consolidated payroll review is done automatically after every pay cycle. The review will contain information such as

  • Overtime hours
  • Salary deduction from unpaid time-off
  • One-off compensation items
  • Recurring compensation items
  • Salary adjustments... (More)