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Grove HR People & Data management
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Hi there @Malajit  Sastry! You can edit employees details easily by the following these steps: 

  1. Go to Employees > MANAGE EMPLOYEES > select the employee's name and click the Job tab. 
  2. Click Edit in Job Information and select from the dropdown box. 
  3. Remember to click Save when finished. 
Hi, our dear Grovers! the Grove team has just done small research regarding the shift in employees' priorities after a rough 2020. To support Vietnamese businesses in optimizing employee experience and retaining talents, our latest research with YouGov Vietnam answers 5 core questions: 💡What motivate candidates to accept a job offer 💡How to onboard new hires better 💡What are the most-wanted benefits 💡What skills employees want to develop 💡What demotivates employees Although the research was made on only Vietnameses, the insights are quite relevant to the general situation around the world. 👉The research is now available to download for... (More)

Manage people & HR data with zero spreadsheets

This module is a centralized platform where you can manage all your employee records and time-off. It helps the team operate effortlessly and make spreadsheets history.

Feature list

1. Employee records: From personal info to job history, you can store anything in Grove HR.

2. Directory: Easily find and view employee details, including name, phone number, email address, etc

3. Employee Self Service: Allow employees to update and edit their details with 24/7 access on Android and iOS systems.

4. Payslip management: Automatically send payslips to your employees - both by email and mobile - with a one-step confirmation on... (More)