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Grove HR Time-off
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🎉 Introducing: New Google Calendar integration and Document Management

Our new feature updates provide better time and document management for teams. The Google Calendar integration allows teammates to know the exact availability period of others, thereby solving the issue of booking appointments into absent periods.

We also introduced a Document Management feature that stores all company policies and guidelines right on Grove HR.

Time off is now synced to Google Calendar

View employees' leaves right on Google Calendar

Here’s how it works:

  • Head over to Google Calendar to synchronize with your official Google Calendar account.
  • When you create a time off request, it is also created on your now... (More)

It's okay if the employee balance for day-off is still positive. However, it is crucial to write a vacation request email to get approval from the supervisor to take day off from work. Requesting vacation requests following the completion of leave of absence offers the employee's team extra time to make sure that your work is protected whilst you are out of the office. It may be useful to have the request in writing in case the employee, his/her manager, or the HR department want to reference it later.

⚡⚡Faster payroll, easier time off, and more efficient mobile app

When we introduced the Payroll feature last December, we promised to roll out advanced improvements. Here is the first of many.

Also, we worked on the time off feature - enhancing its function - and made our mobile app more convenient.

A faster way to calculate NET salary

Before, the HR team needs to export the GROSS salary from Grove HR to their existing file to calculate NET pay.

This complicated process takes time and increases the risk of errors.

With the new Payroll update, you can now calculate the NET salary without copying/pasting it through different spreadsheets.

Here’s how:... (More)

An Nguyen
Customer Support Executive

👋 Hi there!

You can access the time-off tab from home then proceed to request time off by first selecting the type you need (since it is your first time, you shouldn't be out of balance) then select the hours or days you'd be away for. 

Whether or not you choose to notify people of your request, your line manager would immediately receive an email notifying them of your request. Approval shouldn't take long after that. 

Thank you for asking!