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Product Q&A
Product Q&A

This is the topic for Q&A about how to use any features of Grove HR. Feel free to ask anything product-related for support from other Grovers. 

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Mae Rivera
Executive Assistant / Recruiter
Just curious, is this still active? And if I sign up today, is there a limit on how many employees and candidates I add? Thank you!

Hi there! At the end of this month, the full-function Payroll feature will be updated on Grove HR. Moreover, you can reference Performance management, Integration, etc... But do not worry, we will send our updated released notes every month to all subscribers.

Hey, Johnny, Grove has created three templates for three specific stages: Applied on career site, Offered, and Rejected. You can customize the templates and Hiring stages, then send out the email template corresponding to each stage.

Creating new candidates or bulk uploading CVs will not activate this process. Candidates’ information will only be available for assigned Hiring staff to view, edit and Assign jobs. 

Please note: An auto confirming email will only be sent when a candidate applies on career site, assigning jobs after uploading CVs will not trigger this process.

Sudheer Thokala
Principal Software Architect
Does GroveHR supports custom fields in Recruitment Tab, How are you guys capturing "Current take home " for a candidate when candidate uploads resume?