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From my point of view, since the husband is admitted in Covid hospital, she would be required to visit the hospital time and again, so take a liberal view and allow her the leave sought without getting into hyper-technicalities. Indeed she is keeping away from the office as a precaution for all your employees. These are extraordinary times, so I think you should render all permissible benefits. Best :D

An Nguyen
Customer Support Executive


A good day to you.

Sure you can. You can do that both on the web version or on your mobile app, just type their name in the notification field. Voila! They will receive a notice as soon as you submit the request.

Note: Your line manager is defaulted to get notifications for all of your Time Off requests.

Hi everyone! I want to notify my team members about my leave request while working from home using Grove HR, is it possible? Thank you.

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