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For most businesses, the crucial asset for success is the employee base.

Performance management practices are considered as a two-way conversation process that goes on continuously to help employees to get better. And with the help of a performance management review, it becomes easy to understand the employees’ work and skills.

With the appropriate implementation of the performance management process, the business can achieve a lot of positive changes including improved employee productivity, communications, relations, and performance.

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Being a leader in the market doesn’t come easy. Netflix - the go-to online streaming platform of them all, has done a phenomenal job creating a high-performing culture. But they have certainly done justice to it. Coming to performance management, Netflix has a unique 360-degree review process that outbids the old-school formal evaluations. In a conversation with HBR, Patty McCord mentions: “If you talk simply and honestly about performance on a regular basis, you can get good results—probably better ones than a company that grades everyone on a five-point scale.” Build an efficient company culture that motivates employees and drives... (More)
Managers and workers alike are often conflicted about the yearly performance review season. However, recent developments in both HR thinking and technology have pushed executives to reconsider their performance management techniques. HR departments are frequently prescriptive in terms of performance evaluation methods and timelines. It may be a time-consuming procedure for managers, especially those with a large number of direct reports. Employees frequently approach one-on-one meetings with apprehension, if not fear. Every one of us has been there. Meetings with the manager were scheduled in uninspired conference room settings. There will be reams of boring, formal documentation to fill out.... (More)
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