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Managers and workers alike are often conflicted about the yearly performance review season. However, recent developments in both HR thinking and technology have pushed executives to reconsider their performance management techniques. HR departments are frequently prescriptive in terms of performance evaluation methods and timelines. It may be a time-consuming procedure for managers, especially those with a large number of direct reports. Employees frequently approach one-on-one meetings with apprehension, if not fear. Every one of us has been there. Meetings with the manager were scheduled in uninspired conference room settings. There will be reams of boring, formal documentation to fill out.... (More)
πŸ’― High achiever aims higher every time
If you want to be one, here are 60+ smart career goals examples to make your next performance review better than the last time.
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πŸ‘€ Performance reviews are often met with awkwardness, mixed messages. vagueness, etc. To prevent those, managers need to take a structured approach and map out the meeting in advance.
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