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🤔 Ever try hybrid work from home?
This mode allows some employees to work on-site while others working remotely. So having guidelines is a must to make this model effective.
Download this free template:
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Hi everyone!

I recently adopted the duty of a Chief of Happiness at my company. In this pandemic situation, it is very difficult to engage your employees. But now I have the responsibility to make your employee happy and self-motivated. Could anyone suggest some ideas and techniques to engage and motivate employees remotely?

Many thanks :D

I found "news" on the horizontal bar of the homepage. Click on it and it should show you a list of current happening in your company. 

Also, on your dashboard, there should be the latest news panel in which you can access the latest information about your company. If you wish to make/view comments, just click on any of the news then scroll down to comment. Cheers. 

Working from home have been a beautiful experience but I find myself behind on company updates. Where can I quickly access the latest information on the platform?