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To pinpoint the changes in the labour market's needs and motivations, Grove HR and YouGov Vietnam conducted research to analyze the factors influencing job search, including:
・ Job security
・️ Employer brand
・ Work-life balance
・ Recruitment procedures
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February HR Snapshot


Companies are seeking to get their employees vaccinated and resume work on a full scale. However, new studies reveal concerning problems about the state of the workplace and employees.

Only 10% of companies are prepared to support a flexible workforce

According to research by Willis Towers Watson (2021), only one in ten APAC businesses think their current job process can handle a flexible workforce. In light of this information, businesses that don't want to be left behind need to take a serious look at their organization's future, and accelerate their move towards a flexible workplace.

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Hi everyone!

Recently, the Grove team and YouGov Vietnam have collaborated to conduct a research on how employee perceptions and needs have changed after the rough 2020.

Here are the key questions in the research:

πŸ’‘ Factors attracting candidates to apply for a company

πŸ’‘ Onboarding tasks employees considered as important

πŸ’‘ The types of benefits are being highly appreciated

πŸ’‘ Soft skills employees want to be trained on

πŸ’‘ Top reasons why employees quit their jobs

Although it was made on Vietnamese workers the results highly resemble for most cases.

Some of the key findings of the survey are:... (More)