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🎉 Introducing: New Google Calendar integration and Document Management

Our new feature updates provide better time and document management for teams. The Google Calendar integration allows teammates to know the exact availability period of others, thereby solving the issue of booking appointments into absent periods.

We also introduced a Document Management feature that stores all company policies and guidelines right on Grove HR.

Time off is now synced to Google Calendar

View employees' leaves right on Google Calendar

Here’s how it works:

  • Head over to Google Calendar to synchronize with your official Google Calendar account.
  • When you create a time off request, it is also created on your now... (More)
This is Amy. She gonna guide you guys through the latest product update on Grove HR.
Or you can read our blog for further information:

Grove HR make time tracking a breeze

The Grove HR time tracking module enables businesses to track their employees in a modern way with automated time tracking tools, easy time-off, and seamless clock-in/clock-out.

Feature list

1. Clock-in/ clock-out: Employees can easily record their working hours and breaks comfortably at the office or home.

2. Time-off request/approval: Enable employees to request days off and get approved in seconds anywhere, anytime. Plus, team members can get notified for better working arrangements. You can customize your time-off policies in Grove HR to match your business needs and get the whole company to follow.

3. Monthly timekeeping report: Consolidate data quickly... (More)